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Questions with CMB’s Director of Product Development and Innovation

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ed Loessi, CMB’s Director of Product Development and Innovation. We talked about his role defining and developing products and solutions, why agency innovation is so important, and how our innovation efforts can lead to delivering better solutions for our clients. Historically, early innovation has been […]

Uncovering Innovation – the Clay Street Project at P&G

This month, I had the opportunity to attend the Front End of Innovation conference here in Boston. One of the most exciting keynote addresses was provided byKaren Hershenson, Leader of the Clay Street Project at Procter & Gamble (P&G) and was titled Innovation from the Inside-Out. The idea of innovation from the inside-out is especially intriguing […]

Startups Need Product Management

Surefire signs your startup needs product management help now | VentureBeat | Entrepreneur | by Jeff Thermond, XSeed Capital What do Facebook, Whatsapp,, and the iPhone have in common? They all benefitted from great product management. All avoided UX clutter, confused pricing schemes, and non-existent product roadmaps. It is hard to imagine a world […]

Impact Mapping to Better Understand Features

Crisp’s Blog » Impact Mapping – the developer’s cut Do you, a developer, have a feeling that the user stories your product owner is but a list of ideas prioritized on gut feeling only? That the relationship between them and their purpose are vague? Impact Mapping is an agile conversational tool by Gojko Adzic that […]

Great product managers use both qualitative and quantitative data to make the right decisions. Great product managers use both qualitative and quantitative data to make the right decisions. To be subjective, or to be objective, that is the question, and the best product managers already know the correct answer is “both.” As product managers, we constantly face situations where the unknowns outnumber the knowns that we can rely […]

Product Management At Startups

Lessons From The Front Lines: Product Management At Startups   It’s an ugly secret of the universe, but as important as we product managers think that we are, most firms don’t realize that they need us until they are already up and running. What this means is that as a product manager, if you are […]

A Flexible Product Roadmap

Why Your Roadmap Should Be Flexible – MindTheProduct I talk to a shocking number of Product Managers on a regular basis who are exasperated at their company’s approach to roadmapping. Some companies refuse outright to have a roadmap, instead opting to put to paper only what they can commit to in the next few sprints […]

Commit To Finishing A Sprint On Time

The Clever PM – Solving for the Commitment-Phobic Developer August 6, 2015 by The Clever PM Leave a Comment A sprint is, by definition, a set period of time — usually two weeks.  It starts on day one and ends on day x.  Whatever is done between those two dates is the product of the […]

Product Manager vs. Product Marketing Manager

The Product Manager vs. the Product Marketing Manager | Brian de Haaff Although the two roles differ (leading the product vs. leading the go-to-market), the intersection of the two positions is critical to delivering a successful product. Building great products is exhilarating. It takes a group of committed, focused, and passionate team members who play their positions […]

Don’t Get Defensive, It’s Your Product

The Clever PM – Don’t Be Overly Defensive July 9, 2015 by The Clever PM Leave a Comment As a Product Manager, we all have very close ties to our product — in some ways it’s our metaphorical baby.  And like any parent, we tend to focus on the good parts of our product — […]