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Are Young Engineers Missing Out?

I was reading through a few blog posts on Wired and came across one titled Why Young Engineers Are Missing Out, hence the relation to the title of this blog post. The author, Derick Schaefer, made several good points in his post about the challenge with engineers gravitating towards start-ups to hone their skills as coders […]

Marketing Content Needs an Audience

Great post from Bob Warfield at Smoothspan Blog: ” The Very First Thing a Founding Team Needs to Do: Achieve Content-Audience Fit: “A lot of entrepreneurs,  when faced with the question, “What’s the most important thing to do first?”, would answer, “Build a product.” Big mistake. The most important thing to do first is to find […]

Founders Sign Up for This Life

Saw a great blog post on Techcrunch titled “Founders Are Not Heroes. Let’s Get Back to Work” “A few weeks ago a founder called me to commiserate. He told me about how his product had taken longer than expected to build, how his co-founder was gone, and how he was almost out of money. There […]