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Founders Sign Up for This Life

Saw a great blog post on Techcrunch titled “Founders Are Not Heroes. Let’s Get Back to Work” “A few weeks ago a founder...

Saw a great blog post on Techcrunch titled “Founders Are Not Heroes. Let’s Get Back to Work

“A few weeks ago a founder called me to commiserate. He told me about how his product had taken longer than expected to build, how his co-founder was gone, and how he was almost out of money. There was desperation, but more than anything he longed for pity and a shoulder to cry on. My response? “Please shut up and get back to work.”

This is a pretty good article that is probably common conversation anywhere from 6-12 months post the startup journey.  I’ve just started working with 3 companies in this year’s MassChallenge 2012 event and expect that all 3 of them will end up having this sort of conversation with me or one of their other mentors somewhere along the line.

The key thing is, as the article states, is get back to work and truthfully, get started working, if you are just starting out.  Yes, it is easy to fall into that hero idea, most of your friends are still working for the man and see you as the one who escaped to greener pastures and certainly if you are involved in a competitive incubator there has been some level of praise already set upon you, the heros who made the grade.  But don’t buy into it, just let all that praise fall to the wayside as no amount of praise will get you through the dark days ahead, just keep your cool and keep focused and forget being the hero!

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