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How important is blogging to a good content strategy?

When starting a business or launching a new product it is important to create a strategy for getting found on the web and generating interest and...

When starting a business or launching a new product it is important to create a strategy for getting found on the web and generating interest and sales leads in your products and services.  However, there are always lots of questions that come up with regards to the strategic implementation of a web content or SEO strategy.

One of the things that is regularly discussed is, what is the value of blogging to a good marketing strategy orbusiness plan?

By way of a practical example, it is easy to go out on the web and find lots of articles and blog posts on how important blogging is to an inbound marketing strategy, companies such as Hubspot, whose product we use is a great example of the hows and whys, but most people probably prefer concrete examples, so here is one from our company.

We operate in the strategic plan implementation space, meaning that our software helps companies to easily implement a strategic plan. When we first started we knew the generic terms like “strategic plan” would have lots of competition in web search so we looked at other words that were very powerful and came up with terms such as; “strategic plan implementation” and “strategic plan execution”.

Now, when we first started our web site we only really had one or two pages where it was actually practical to use those terms as keywords or H1 tags so we needed a good strategy to drive search to our site and get more leads.

This is of course was where blogging came in.  Over several months we wrote blog posts on topics such as:




In each of these cases we talked about ideas for implementing and executing on various aspects of a strategic plan.  The result of this work was that RapidInfluence became the number one search term on Google for “strategic plan implementation” and the number 4 search term for “strategic plan execution” and all of our competitors were found on the sidelines paying for those terms via Google Adwords.  Of course we need to keep writing and optimizing to keep our position in the search world but that is a whole different strategy.

In terms of web site content (content about the product or the company) versus blog content (content regularly written and distributed about strategic concepts) in our own case the top pages visited overall breakdown as follows:

  • Blog content – 6 of the top 10 pages viewed
  • Web site content – 4 of the top 10pages viewed

So you can imagine where we would be from a strategic point of view if we had only considered web content in our content and SEO strategy.  We would have missed numerous chances to interact with potential clients because we would have just had the standard web pages (probably only one or two) that would have covered strategy implementation.  This would have meant that we would not have been able to work our way up in the search realm, people would have not had a reason to link to our content and potential customers would not have had any sense of whether we really knew much about strategy implementation aside from the normal salesy drivel you see on most web sites.

So, bottom line, blogging needs to be part of your overall marketing strategy, it needs to take a big spot in the overall content strategy, and it will likely be your largest source of web page views when done correctly.