The Challenge

Many organizations spend a great deal of time on developing strategy and business plans but struggle to implement them in large part because of the difficulty in establishing a collaborative work environment in the context of strategic business planning.  This means that many well intentioned plans lay dormant on a shelf or are laboriously completed using less than optimal means.

The Solution

At RapidInfluence we are overcoming this challenge by focusing on plan implementation as a series of well constructed action items that are easily established and monitored so that a plan can be implemented as effectively as possible.

Our product works by linking together plan initiatives and plan elements with their action items, providing a simple implementation process that can be monitored and reported on ensuring that plans are acted upon and completed as quickly as possible.

Primary Features

Our solution is built around 5 key components that are linked together to implement your strategic plan:

  • Strategic Initiatives – define and distribute the details on the strategic initiatives that will be undertaken to meet the organization’s strategic objectives
  • SWOT Analysis – record the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats against the organization as a whole or particular strategic initiatives
  • Strategic Elements – organize the primary activities required to complete a strategic initiative
  • Action Items – create and assign action items and group according to the particular strategic element creating an order to the process
  • Financial Entries – record budget entries against both strategic elements and their strategic initiatives

The Extensability

Configure with confidence – a core feature of the RapidInfluence solution is the ability to customize it to meet your organization’s needs.  The system starts out with a range of standard capabilities and also allows you to modify many aspects of those features to tailor things to your needs.

Once set up the system can be modified by you as opposed to software programmers meaning, you can change the types of questions that get asked in the implementation process or you can add your own reports or search functions, you can even add completely new processes to the system to expand the solution as your strategic planning processes evolve.