Five Ways Big Data is Useful to CFOs

Five Ways Big Data is Useful to CFOs (via Analytics | June 10, 2013 | | US These days, CFOs are challenged with producing more accurate forecasts of their business, complying with ever-changing regulations and reporting more frequently based on newer streams of data. The business environment today is inordinately more influenced by…

In Marketing? Better Get Technical

Good Post from Scott Brinker – 50% of all new marketing hires will be technical “Starting in 2013, after the CMO realizes that he/she does not have the skill sets in place for data analytics proficiency, 50% of new marketing hires will have technical backgrounds.” “That is prediction #5 on IDC’s Top 10 CMO Predictions  Read more »

Marketing Content Needs an Audience

Great post from Bob Warfield at Smoothspan Blog: ” The Very First Thing a Founding Team Needs to Do: Achieve Content-Audience Fit: “A lot of entrepreneurs,  when faced with the question, “What’s the most important thing to do first?”, would answer, “Build a product.” Big mistake. The most important thing to do first is to find  Read more »

Founders Sign Up for This Life

Saw a great blog post on Techcrunch titled “Founders Are Not Heroes. Let’s Get Back to Work” “A few weeks ago a founder called me to commiserate. He told me about how his product had taken longer than expected to build, how his co-founder was gone, and how he was almost out of money. There  Read more »

Big Disconnect on Leads and Sales Calls

Saw an interesting article in Forbes: The Great Marketing/Sales Disconnect: Industry Study Reveals 36% of Leads Never Called The value of web-generated leads decays quickly with the passage of time This year’s annual study of lead response behavior conducted by on 696 companies with online lead forms revealed that sales reps were, on average,  Read more »

How important is blogging to a good content strategy?

When starting a business or launching a new product it is important to create a strategy for getting found on the web and generating interest and sales leads in your products and services.  However, there are always lots of questions that come up with regards to the strategic implementation of a web content or SEO strategy.  Read more »

How we created and implemented our social networking strategy

As many of our readers know, we believe in eating our own dog food and we are regularly documenting our own strategy implementation process as a startup company to share with our customers and readers. The following post focuses on our social networking strategy, which is an action item within the strategic element we called  Read more »

How we created and implemented our CRM strategy

As part of our continuing to document our own strategy implementation process as a startup company, the following post focuses on our CRM strategy, which is an action item within the strategic element we called operational systems implementation. For many early stage companies CRM activities can creep up on them simply because CRM is not  Read more »

New Product or Startup Company Launch Strategy

As they say, you gotta eat your own dog food in order to gain respect in any market. According to Wikipedia The idea originated from television commercials for Alpo brand dog food; actor Lorne Greene would tout the benefits of the dog food, and then would say it’s so good that he feeds it to  Read more »

The Start – Building a company on strategic plan execution

When building a new company there is always a ‘start’, of course by the time that you write your first blog post for a new company it’s usually well past the starting point. Most likely, you have already looked at a market and said “something’s not right and we can do a better job”.  You  Read more »