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Startups Need Product Management

Surefire signs your startup needs product management help now | VentureBeat | Entrepreneur | by Jeff Thermond, XSeed Capital What do Facebook,...

What do Facebook, Whatsapp,, and the iPhone have in common? They all benefitted from great product management. All avoided UX clutter, confused pricing schemes, and non-existent product roadmaps. It is hard to imagine a world without these products.

In short, these companies nailed it.

Now, what do Evernote, Google Glass, iCloud, Nike’s FuelBand, and Amazon’s Fire Phone have in common? They underachieved substantively versus what they could have been and are widely regarded as either failures or presently failing to realize anything close to their potential.

They got nailed.

As the first investors in promising startups, my firm sees many teams lacking experienced product management. Sometimes the CEO is simply trying to save money and run lean. But more often than not, entrepreneurs tell us that the day they hire a product manager, they feel they will lose control over the product vision. (See here for my recent blog on why control is a dangerous illusion for an entrepreneur to hold.)

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